Whether you are a passionate cat lover or not, there are no absolutely indifferent people to these cute creatures because this is simply impossible! Funny kitties are the best antidepressant. Sometimes just one look at a kitten funny playing with its tail or a funny sleeping cat is enough to make your day.

Kittens are great models. They always give a reason to take a cute photo, so you just have to keep a camera or phone handy. Despite the differences in breeds, colors, and behavior, they are united by one thing - restlessness and the desire to explore the world. Of course, they can also commit minor mischief, but looking at a small creature, it is impossible to be angry with him for all the outrages.

Take a break from the everyday bustle and look at our selection, which contains the funniest and most amusing cats. In addition, watching videos with cats has a therapeutic effect. Scientists have studied videos of cats on the Internet and have come to the conclusion that they do have a beneficial effect on the viewer.

Just being themselves comical, playful, and adorable cats will cheer you up, make you smile, and forget about the bad.

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